Residents question Harlem’s longevity as the Black Mecca

January 23, 2012


Institutions like the Apollo Theater keep tourists coming to get a slice of Black America

Far away from Zuccotti Park where the widely publicized Occupy movement started, three women, who say they are shocked and frustrated with gentrification in Harlem, took to the stage for a protest through the arts. Renaissance in the Belly of a Killer Whale, a play written and produced by four women under the age of […]

Another iPhone thief caught

December 12, 2011


Another iPhone thief has been caught by NYPD plainclothes decoys, this time on the No. 4 train at Grand Central Station . Raymond Rodriguez, 47, of 986 Morris Avenue, the Bronx, was arrested and charged after he lifted the phone from the backpack of a plainclothes decoy police officer. Decoys have caught at least six phone thieves in the […]

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Activists call for more alternatives to immigrant detention

December 1, 2011


Two years ago, Alu Ibrahim, 30, fled civil war in his native country Sudan to seek refuge in the United States. Following U.S. immigration law, Ibrahim identified himself as an asylum seeker to immigration officials and was detained immediately at an airport in Texas. After spending two years in detention, Ibrahim begged a Texas immigration […]

New Park a Nightmare for Jackson Heights businesses

November 10, 2011


Local Business owner

A new park on what was a busy 37 th road in Jackson Heights, Queens, is putting local stores along the route out of business. Since the road was closed on September 20, businesses say customers are no longer coming,resulting in a 60 to 70 percent reduction in sales. Some of the 300 stores on […]

Making more with less

October 31, 2011


Akanni Demazio, Chef Food Bank NYC

Making ends meet on a tight budget is a difficult task for any cook. But when there are 500 to 700 mouths to feed every day, it becomes even trickier. Akanni Demazio, 29, is doing just that. He has been a chef at Food Bank for New York City’s community kitchen in Harlem for the past four years, but this […]

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Occupy Wall Street

October 25, 2011


Scar on his forehead from violence in the shelter

He goes by the name “True white boy,” and at 27, he is homeless. He has been “Occupying Wall St,” for the past 25 days, and says he feels safer among the protesters in Zuccotti Park than in a shelter. In the photo, “True white boy” shows a scar on his forehead. A battle scar, […]

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Oktoberfest, German festival helps Harlem respond to changing tastes

September 29, 2011


Harlem is not the first word that comes to mind when one mentions Oktoberfest. But for Harlem businesses, the German festival is a creative way to establish Harlem as a hip, trendy neighborhood that is not only changing its demographics but also the way it does business. Unlike the 18 day beer festival in Germany, […]