Occupy Wall Street

Posted on October 25, 2011


Scar on his forehead from violence in the shelter

Truewhiteboy shows a scar that he got from being attacked in the shelter

He goes by the name “True white boy,” and at 27, he is homeless.

He has been “Occupying Wall St,” for the past 25 days, and says he feels safer among the protesters in Zuccotti Park than in a shelter.

In the photo, “True white boy” shows a scar on his forehead. A battle scar, he calls it, from an attack outside a homeless shelter. He says many of the persons in the shelter are on parole and have a “prison mentality.” As a result, violence and theft are rampant and make life difficult.

Marsha Spencer

A 56-year old grandmother protests for her grandchildren's future

For 25 days, Mary Spencer, 56, an unemployed seamstress has camped out at Zuccotti Park, with the hope that her efforts will secure a brighter future for her grandchildren. She says the eldest of her five grandchildren is 16, and wants to become a doctor. But Marsha does not know how their family will pay the college tuition.

“I don’t want to see her [her granddaughter] working in a fast food joint,” she says while continuing to knit.

Goldman Sachs haircut

Banks getting a haircut was the main attraction on 10.24.11

“Do you want a haircut?”

That was the question of the afternoon from protesters who encouraged onlookers to get haircut, symbolizing their belief that banks need to get rid of some of their weight.

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