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Posted on August 29, 2011


Using Social Media Effectively

Networking, staying informed and marketing your content are some of the most important ways social media can work for journalists. As a journalist the number of people that access your content is key. One way to increase followers is to have specific bios and information. Another is to follow persons in the industry. This will allow these sites to recommend you to the appropriate audience, including potential employers.

A journalist’s posts should also spaced out, so as not to bombard followers or persons on your friend list. When posting links, giving context is also important, so that people know why they should be interested. Keywords to keep in mind when tweeting are: helpful, useful, informative, relevant and actionable.

Facebook profiles should be managed to maintain effectiveness. Journalists should be careful of what they “Like,” and should un-tag themselves from posts that are not in keeping with their image and avoid having multiple profiles. Sources can also be contacted via Facebook, and Facebook question is a useful tool to get information.

Researching jobs can also be done effectively on sites like LinkedIn, because of industry news and company information that can be accessed from this site. LinkedIn also allows you to research the career path of persons working in your dream publication/organization.

Five Journalists I follow

1. Christiane Amanpour – The twitter profile of veteran broadcast journalist, Christiane Amanpour has links about her work and articles written about her. this allows me to get insight into the life of a foreign correspondent.

2. Habiba Nosheen – My audio professor whose broadcasts have been published in The New York Times, TIME, Glamour and The Washington Post, CBC, PBS, BBC and NPR. I follow her so that I can continue to learn about audio reporting from her posts.

3. Zaheer Cassim – This Columbia J-School graduate with a concentration in digital media, has covered the same beat that I am covering and I hope to connect with him to learn more about the city.

4. Abigail Haworth – As Senior International Editor at Marie Claire U.S., Abigail writes about issues affecting women. Although she has not done much tweeting. I look forward to tweets about her work so that I can read more of her articles.

5. Christine Dell’Amore -Environment editor/writer for the National Geographic posts great links of her own travel stories and other great articles that I enjoy reading.

Recent Tweets

The West Indian day parade started in Harlem but the city revoked the permit now Brooklyn benefits from over $2 mill in rev, sorry Harlem.

$7.80 for breakfast??? C’mon NYC, the coffee wasn’t even good!

Anybody know a cheap moving company in NYC?

I love IP Stanback!!!! Irene can’t keep SC students from documenting new DC memorial #eClass1989

Harlem has had a reputation for thuggery and ghettoes, check out Harlem in 2011

Hush irene i’m trying to sleep # irene

How will I use Facebook differently?

My use of Facebook has changed tremendously. These changes include being more vigilant about the posts I allow myself to be tagged in, thinking twice about the posts I “Like,” and being aware of the type of comments I make and how it reflects on me as a journalist.

I am also making better use of the networking opportunities by joining groups with persons who have similar professional interests and adding the profile pages of persons that I admire professionally.

When I build a stronger portfolio, I will create a Facebook page that is different from a profile, which will identify me as a journalist and will allow for more structured interaction with persons who view my work and potential sources.

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