Dissecting the words

August 31, 2012


Words from the late Dr. Eric Williams, founding father of Trinidad and Tobago in his address to the nation, when Trinidad and Tobago gained independence from Great Britain Advertisements

LGBT Christians Find a Place in the Church

June 1, 2012


Many in the LGBT community return to the church during the Lenten season. (Photo courtesy of Neha Banka)

When Matthew Putorti, 27, came out of the closet six years ago, questions about how his faith would co-exist with his sexuality were at the forefront of this mind. “I had a lot to reconcile,” says Putorti, who, as a Roman Catholic was well aware of the church’s strong stand against same-sex relationships. “At the […]

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Building the Vibe

May 11, 2012


VIDEO: Reggae Dancer Hanna Herbertson discusses her love for Dancehall and Deejaying

Internet Romance Scams still Breaking Hearts and Wallets

March 19, 2012


Online romance scams have been around since the dawn of the Internet

Although online romance scams have been around since the dawn of the Internet, old tricks like wooing their victims with flowers and poetry or trying to gain their sympathy with stories of hardship or injury are still very much part of their routine today. “There are are many ways to run these scams as there […]

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Dirty Dancing: New Forms but the Same Old Criticism

March 19, 2012


Reggae Dancer Hanna Herbertson, center, showing participants how to "wine," in her reggae aerobics class in Manhattan. (Photo by Dervedia Thomas/CNS)

Dirty dancing has been around for centuries, but it’s constantly evolving taking new and more risqué forms. For many cultures, these dances are not considered “dirty” at all, just another way of having fun or a way to rebel against the older generation or a higher social class. Many cultural critics have taken offense to […]

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Breast not Always Best in Public, Many Moms Find

March 19, 2012


A new generation of mothers is discovering that breast isn’t always best, at least not in plain view. While breastfeeding in public is not illegal in any U.S. state, and 45 states have laws specifically allowing women to nurse in public and private locations, nursing mothers say they still get plenty of dirty looks, demands […]

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Fighting to End Immigrant Detention and Deportation

February 16, 2012


Abraham Paulos

After his own wrongful arrest, Abraham Paulos comes face to face with the reality of the criminal justice system as it affects immigrants. He narrowly escaped immigrant detention, but with two prior convictions he is still at risk. Read More